A work of art can be an abstract object as well as a representation of the real world. It can represent as well as being representational. My work in abstract art does not necessarily rely on specialized knowledge for interpretation, but I do draw on the real world for inspiration. I work principally in the mediums of traditional oil on canvas and print on paper. Oil paint has a translucence that allows layer upon layer of paint to be stacked and combined and a print can be the result of layers of ink and other media applied to the paper's surface. As the layers build so does the tension and balance between the colors, textures and shapes.



Site by Drew Hamlet

P  206-768-1026
A  6521 Ellis Ave. South
Seattle, Washington 98108


 Born: Los Angeles, California     Resides: Seattle, Washington

    1972         San Diego Sate University, San Diego, CA. Cum Laude
    1970-71   Badia Fiesolana, Florence, Italy, Education Abroad Honors
                     Program, California State University
    1973-74   Advanced study, California State University, Long Beach, CA

    2009   Monarch Gallery, Seattle, Washington
    2009   Saint Mark's Cathedral, Seattle, Washington
    2004   "Collaboration" Museum of Northwest Art, La Conner, Washington
    2001   "Group Show" Ruth Bachofner Gallery, Los Angeles' California
    2001   "Grabado", Oaxaca. Mexico
    1999    Foster/White Gallery, Seattle, Washington
    1997    Foster/White Gallery, Seattle, Washington
    1996    Foster/White Gallery, Seattle, Washington
    1994    "Prints" Tapper Studio Gallery, Seattle, Washington
    1992    Azart Gallery, Seattle, Washington
    1990    Azart Gallery, Seattle, Washington
    1988    Gallery 163, Seattle, Washington
    1986   Jackson Street Gallery, Seattle Washington
    1984   The Gallery at Opera Plaza, San Francisco, California
    1983    Newman Gallery, San Francisco, California